Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept custom orders or commissions?

Not at this time, though I may explore doing small batches of custom orders in similar style and design that I typically make. I like the idea of working with people on an intention and feeling they want a piece to create and going from there. Stay tuned :)

What yarn do you use for your rugs?

I use exclusively use rug wool, which is ethically sourced from New Zealand. Wool, when ethically sourced, is the best option for creating high-quality rugs that lasts years on end and can withstand foot traffic. After much research, I have gained an appreciation for ethically sourced wool due to it being biodegradable, flame-resistant, and even air-purifying. It is a renewable resource that I use with great reverence to create rugs that will last.

I'm curious about tufting and want to try it out before I invest in a tufting machine. What are my options?

If you're in the LA area, I'm offering 1:1 classes where I bring all the supplies we need to you and we create a rug together. You can decide which tufting machine you prefer and finish with a good sense of what it takes to create a rug. These classes are $60/hour + materials and typically last 4 hours. Contact me if you're interested 💌

Which tufting machine should I buy?

I'm a big fan of the AK-I (cut pile) and AK-II (loop pile) models for beginners because they are light weight, low cost, and easy to use right out of the box. My tufting machines are from Tuft the World who I will recommend over and over again because their quality and support is unmatched. You can use code MAGIC15 for 15% off your order ✨

I'm new to tufting. Why does my cloth keep ripping?

First I will say, this is very common! Tufting has a bit of a learning curve, but will be so worth it if you stick to it. Ripping cloth is a common problem for beginners and can be solved with a number of adjustments. I suggest watching my TUFTING TROUBLES & HOW TO SOLVE THEM video over on Youtube. If you have more questions after that, feel free to reach out 😊

I'm new to tufting and am having a hard time getting started. Can you help me out?

Yes! I have a ton of videos over on Youtube that are great for beginners. But sometimes it just helps to have more assistance getting started. I'm currently doing 1:1 lessons in the LA area ($60/hr) or on Zoom ($50/hr). Feel free to reach out if you're interested!