Sprinkle some magic in your space

Plant seeds, hydrate, start a new chapter, get that rug you've always wanted. This limited batch of hand-tufted rugs won't last long. Get your hands on one today. Begin again.

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Unveil the Process

See how I make a hand-tufted statement rug from start to finish

Meet the Maker

Hi, I'm AJ! Los Angeles based designer and tufting educator. When I discovered tufting, I found a key to a door I only ever dreamed of opening. Designing and hand-tufting rugs has expanded my creativity to new realms—so much so that I've become obsessed with sharing that gift with others.

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Want to make your own hand-tufted magic?

Have you seen some rug-making process videos on TikTok and have since become consumed with the idea of doing it yourself? Or perhaps you're an artist looking for a new creative outlet? Tufting is an incredibly rewarding craft to learn and I am passionate about sharing it with others.

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