Meet the Maker

Hi, I'm AJ! Los Angeles based designer and tufting educator. When I discovered tufting, I found a key to a door I only ever dreamed of opening. Designing and hand-tufting rugs has expanded my creativity to new realms—so much so that I've become obsessed with sharing that gift with others.

Daydream Believer

During my five year journey as a user experience designer working in tech, I dreamed about the day I'd pursue my own path. When a stint of unemployment offered me the freedom I desired, I discovered a way in.

One day, I became consumed with the idea of creating my own rugs and began my journey of learning the craft of tufting. Tufting offered me a way into myself that filled me with a new sense of confidence, awe, and pure joy. It requires both my embodied focus and mental focus. It engages the senses with its physical and tactile nature. I fell in love.

My work often lies at the intersection of my queer identity and spirituality. I am inspired by dreams, fantasy, the elements, and of course, magic. I love to create pieces that feel inexplicably nostalgic and fill a room with a sense of wonder.

Sharing the Craft

As a teacher at heart, I knew very early that I had to share this craft with others. I began documenting my process and sharing it on YouTube and other platforms. Since then, I've set out to impart what I have learned and share it with those inspired by the craft. 

Ready to make your own magic?

Have you seen some rug-making process videos on TikTok and have since become consumed with the idea of doing it yourself? Or perhaps you're an artist looking for a new creative outlet. This is your sign to say yes.

Learn to Tuft